General information

The State University of Applied Sciences (PWSZ) in Elbląg  is an institution of higher education offering professional undergraduate courses lasting from 6 to 8 semesters leading to a B.A. or B.Sc. (Eng.) degree. All of the courses on offer in the four Institutes combine theoretical content with extensive professional training conducted in co-operation with a wide variety of business and educational institutions. The graduate is thus prepared both to undertake a professional career and to enter graduate courses in order to obtain an M.A or M.Sc. degree.

PWSZ is part of the state educational system and intramural studies are free of charge, with scholarships available for students in need of financial support as well as for outstanding students. The School aims to employ lecturers of highest academic standards.
The fundamental principle of higher vocational education is preparing the graduates for the demands of the local labour market. PWSZ in Elbląg takes into consideration the needs of the community by focusing on those fields of study that contribute to easing the local labour market problems as well as providing the graduates with job opportunities.

The University prepares future employees and locally employed professionals by balancing purely academic and theoretical education with practical and professional training.
This strategy is aided by close contacts with business organisations, public institutions, self-government and administration bodies of all levels. By active participation in the social and economic life of the town and region, the University hopes to be not only an educational institution but also an important research and development centre.
This intention lies at the basis of the strategic objective of the University, which is the development of IT education by creating new IT courses at the Institute of Applied Informatics and also by enriching the existing courses with IT content.
PWSZ in Elbląg and the Municipal Office have created a Technological Park, an IT Centre with the aim of stimulating the development of the region by virtue of implementation of latest technologies. Situated in a medium-sized town, The State University of Applied Sciences in Elbląg enjoys universal support of local and regional organisations, business and administrative. The conditions of studying and the quality of organisation make the University an attractive choice for students.