Admission for foreign students

Applicants seeking admission to The State University of Applied Sciences in Elbląg must meet the requirements laid down by Polish law: Regulations for the admission of foreigners to the higher education institutions according to the Higher Education Act, Article 33a, section 2 of September 12, 1990 (Dziennik Ustaw No. 65, item 358 as amended) and the School's regulations.


General rules for foreign applicants:

  • meeting the standard of qualifications normally required to be admitted to a university in the applicant's country of permanent residence analogous to Polish certificates (certificate of secondary education);
  • submitting an application for enrollment addressed to the Rector of the State University of Applied in Elbląg;
  • submitting an application form including curriculum vitae and a completed questionnaire;
  • submitting a medical certificate confirming the applicant's physical condition is adequate for studying in a given major, four passport-size photographs.


Admission criteria:

  • Institute of Economics - certificate of secondary education marks,
  • Institute of Applied Computer Sciences - certificate of secondary education marks,
  • Institute of Technology - certificate of secondary education marks,
  • Institute of Pedagogy and Foreign Languages - certificate of secondary education marks or in the case of the old formula of secondary school examination - entrance examination
  • Pedagogy - musical talent examination and certificate of secondary education marks.


Grants and scholarships

There is a special commission that awards a variety of grants and scholarships in the School. This financial support is distributed taking into consideration different aspects but every student has the same right to benefit from them. There are scholarships for the best students and for the best sportsmen, social grants, support for accommodation and food, special grants for handicapped students and single allowances.